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This is the week, in Sheffield, when the blossom is at its best. Blossom As you drive past the hanging blossom of the cherry tree, you are moving too fast. Their pale luminescence an unnoticed glory, a promise, year by year, you fail to keep. But one day soon you will stop, get

Meeting my Father-in-Law

Yesterday would have been my Father-in-Law Donald Malcolm's 90th birthday, what a man. Here is the poem I wrote for him remembering the day we fist met. Meeting My Father-in-Law Your warm and bearlike hand grasped my slim, collegiate palm more turned to turning pages than industry and grind. At

There is a Stage

There is a Stage There is a stage called the present moment that you are constantly stepping onto. If you concentrate you can sense its curtain call just under your navel, that union of courage and instinct. A breathing anchor that keeps you right here in the present action of your life. A whole cast


Haste You want to rush, get to the end work it out and have it solved. Who wouldn’t? But the cost, who pays the price of all this haste? A friend of mine knew Mirabehn Gandhi’s English companion. Her story; when the Mahatma found himself without a pencil she tore off to find it,

Homage to Hockney

In 2012 I went to see the Royal Academy Exhibition called 'A Bigger Picture' by David Hockney. It had an accompanying DVD. It made a deep impression on me and I wrote this. I felt part of a wonderful and challenging BiggerPicture! A Bigger Picture I view