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The Real Truth

The Real Truth


The Real Truth

To be truthful

I don’t always

know what life is

for. Yes, there

are sparks of clarity

in the stubble of

the commonplace.

But most days I live in

a cloudy unknowing.


just negotiating

the next task, without

becoming the opposite

of the early dawn

stillness I long to


Of course I

have read many baggy

handbooks on the need

to be present to my life,

to God or even to my dog.

Once or twice in a

month of mornings

I touch something,

and out of insight’s

grain store garnered

(from the wise ones)

comes winnowing out

an ear of wisdom.

Telling me that

my soul is a

cast and ringing

bowl, that if I

stay still long enough,

my soul will show up

like an image through

tracing paper.

I wonder

though (the wise ones),

do they really do it,

or are they, like me,

fleetingly conscious,

that it might be


And have they like me,

wished all the shadows,

cast by previous stabs

at contact, would move out

of the way?

But perhaps the real truth

is; that the shadows are

it, and we just haven’t

realised they are the

presence in disguise.

From ‘The Call of the Unwritten’ – Available here Purchase on Amazon

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