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come and join me


From the Streets of Sheffield

“There are people in Sheffield
who can make a cradle
to carry us to the grave, this is
their song’
From Afterword to a Traipsing

Adrian Scott, a Sheffield poet has combined with Andy Selman a local musician to create a night to remember. For the past few years Adrian has been walking the city, he calls it traipsing, and from this traipsing he has written a collection of poems about the city. When Andy heard him give a reading he was so taken with the work he asked if he could come up with musical accompaniments. During lockdown they worked on Zoom to create an album that they called Made in Sheffield.

Now we are allowed out they are beginning to play live around the city. Cafe #9 is a regular spot for Adrian to be found writing and so it seemed only right to do one of their first gigs there. It will be a night to enter into the poetry and music of place. To share time in the city many of us love, to share words about its past, its present and its future. Adrian and Andy are Sheffield’s through and through and they create an atmosphere redolent of the city and its wonders. Where better to spend a pre Christmas night than in the best Cafe in Sheffield carried on a soundtrack of music and words.

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