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Author: Adrian Scott


Haste You want to rush, get to the end work it out and have it solved. Who wouldn’t? But the cost, who pays the price of all this haste? A friend of mine knew Mirabehn Gandhi’s English companion. Her story; when the Mahatma found himself without a pencil she tore off to find it,

Homage to Hockney

In 2012 I went to see the Royal Academy Exhibition called 'A Bigger Picture' by David Hockney. It had an accompanying DVD. It made a deep impression on me and I wrote this. I felt part of a wonderful and challenging BiggerPicture! A Bigger Picture I view


I am on the way to London with my daughter. The dislocation of travelling always strikes me. Going from the quiet valley where I live to the hustling, siren wailing, constant traffic hub that is the capital. The speed that everyone walks at and the

Taking Stock

Taking Stock There come moments in life when we are forced to take stock. A loss, a challenge a brokenness, a revelation, those frontiers that cause a disruption between life as it has been and the sudden flux we then find ourselves in. We are prone

Christmas Magic

The white, crisp pillowcase and freshly laundered school sock were the harbingers of Christmas magic when I was a boy. I would lay them out at the end of my bed on Christmas Eve and finally drift into the dark womb of a pregnant sleep.


Last week we had a visit from Lara's Godmother Barbara. Twenty years ago she was our midwife, she was involved in the birth of our first daughter Eva and became her Godmother and then she was present at the precarious and premature birth of  Lara