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When Will You Be Ready

When Will You Be Ready

When will you be ready?

When will you be ready

to hear the voice

that has been speaking to you

with a patient kindness

for some time now,

like birdsong as you wake?

Don’t mistake its kindness

for weakness, or insignificance,

it is neither, moreover the voice

is your most ardent, though from

a place you have not often

had the courage to visit.

Trajectories are strange, they

have an inertia, a momentum,

that makes you think they

must be right, they are the way,

yet often they are just a

form of sleepwalking.

I was once told of an alpine

photographer who, in order

to get the clearest views on

his Hasselblad camera would

switch off the engine and glide,

thus minimising the blur.

Only when you cut the motor

will vision find you, only when you are

ready to attend will your soul’s map

unfold, only then will the path

you took make sense and the

way ahead appear out of the mist.

From Arriving In Magic – Poems by Adrian GR Scott 
Photo Auntie Agnes’s Hasselblad Camera 
copyright Adrian G R Scott

  • Katharine von Schenk

    A time for everything. Thanks Adrian. A necessary thing for me to read right now. xxx

    June 10, 2019at2:29 pm
  • I think that comes around more than once in a lifetime. I like the idea of cutting the engine, you then have to depend on something else. That something else is already doing something. Lovely Adrian as always.

    June 10, 2019at8:05 pm

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