• 'Have you ever been plunged under the surface
    of your concious life andfound yourself
    all at sea,
    not knowing what course to steer?

    All at Sea
    from A Night Sea Journey

  • ‘Then suddenly you know you need
    to land, to settle into the hermitage
    of unsolvedness, to wake and
    pray into the offices of liminality.’
    The Edge of Bleakness
    Arriving in Magic

  • ‘If you can quiz this darkness of yours
    with a tender curiosity, unpicking the
    carapace of denial, receiving courteously
    the gift that it is being returned to you.’
    The Edge of Bleakness
    Arriving in Magic

  • ‘Meanwhile Cafe # 9 holds me
    in its unhurried decaffineated lattes;
    well fermented playlists;
    its generous converse, unblemished silences
    and temperate unburdening, music laden welcome.’
    Cae # 9
    from A Night Sea Journey

  • 'This is what the mythologists call a night sea journey,
    I am on a gurney bark sailing
    through the dark into
    an uncertain dawn.'
    Anight Sea Journey
    from A Night Sea Journey

  • 'The origins of fire
    lie hidden in that dark,
    secret place where our
    ancestors stole fire from
    the gods.’
    The Origins of Fire
    The Call of the Unwritten

  • 'To hold
    left and right,
    dark and light,
    to wait for the reconciling third—
    the one who walks between’
    I Am Mad - Step One
    Arriving in Magic

  • 'Then when the stars
    tumble from the sky
    at the end, our shining
    will illuminate scars on
    love’s invincible face.’
    Last Rites
    The Call of the Unwritten

  • 'Border black
    and white, with brown
    eyes in my blue ones,
    and in his coat
    the lonely aroma
    of the sheep-filled hills.’
    The Call of the Unwritten

  • 'A faith I have found in the pilgrim tracks of
    each heart's foraging, to be sung at fifteen and
    fifty, that our wounds are our glories and shall
    be rung with his great poet's bell at dawn and dusk.'
    Visits to Laugharne at Fifteen and Fifty
    Arriving in Magic

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Welcome to my website where you can find out about my published works, various events I am running or leading and information about some tours that I am hoping to run in the years ahead.  I hope you enjoy looking around. There are many ways you can join the conversation that flows from my work, I hope you do.

Adrian Scott

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