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This is All the Life You Have

This is All the Life You Have

DSC05356This is All the Life You Have

This is all the life you have,

each day’s crests and furrows

promising that who you are

embodies all you will ever need.


So what, so often, convinces

you that you are inadequate,

is it others or more likely

your unbefriended failures?


Sit quietly in the morning

before one screen or another

can invade your day with

the software of deficiency.


Let the silence teach you that

solitude is not an illness,

it is the soil of breath taking

in which self-acceptance grows.


Believe in the bird’s song,

and the way the sun rises, slowly,

the steady beat of your pulse,

at that pace you can love it all.


At that pace, unforced providence

offers each part of your life

to you and you can name it as

Eve and Adam named it all.


What you can name as loved

will bring freedom to your day

will uncover your fullness and

will finally take your breath away.


From Arriving in Magic – go to adriangrscott.com for more.